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MEET THE CAST OF TRUST: The characters were not only relatable, but felt like people I knew from my own community. Ruth’s life-long friendship with Irene was moving and honest, leaving me full of joy having experienced this story wrapped in Black womanhood. I could recognize it as sisterhood on every page, with all the women, as they worked together to build the lives they wanted. All of the relationships felt real, and included a depth because each woman was not a plot point but a multifaceted character. ~Black&Bookish.com Review

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Good for them. But when will things be good for me? Cynthia Thomas has spent a lifetime on the sidelines, watching everyone else’s lives blossom with marriage and babies. All she’s ever wanted was to experience those joys for herself. But, when she realizes she’s invested too many years in one toxic relationship after another, she fears she may not deserve the true love she craves. Now, months before her 40th birthday, with a string of failed relationships in her past and a habit of submitting to her own inner demons, she’s reached a crossroads. She’ll have to dig deep to find the strength for discernment and self-love. Until now, nothing else has worked, time is ticking, and her chance at real love and motherhood depend on it. If you love Terry McMillan, Tayari Jones, and Jasmine Guillory, then Good Morning Beautiful will leave you laughing, crying, and rooting for a happily-ever-after. Don’t miss this heartfelt, honest, and introspective sequel to Daines L. Reed’s novel, Trust.

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