Marcela King Gave My Bookcover LIFE!!

Hi Sis!

If you don't know by now, every step of my publishing journey has been a challenge and a blessing-- but isn't that how life works?

Anything worth having is worth the effort and that's why, when we overcome a challenge and actually accomplish something, it's cause for a celebration!

The creation of the cover for my newest novel, Good Morning Beautiful, is no exception.

The artist who designed the cover for my first book was unavailable and it was important to me that the covers for the remaining books in this series compliment each other perfectly.

The thing is, searching for an artist who could create the cover I wanted was harder than I thought. First of all, I didn't know exactly what I wanted the new cover to look like. Secondly, I was on a shoestring-starving artist budget. And third, lots of people promised to create my book cover and no one was able to deliver.

I wasn't willing to compromise on the look and feel of my book cover, but I wasn't having any luck finding an artist who could make it happen... until my friend Shannon told me her mom could probably do it.

At this point, I'm doubtful because no one has succeeded thus far, and I'm only half-serious when I say, "Really? Okay, send her a picture of my first book cover and ask her if she can create something similar."

Turns out, Shannon's mom is an amazing artist with a beautiful spirit, and she just wanted an opportunity to showcase her talents. (She's got an incredible life-story of her own, which I'd be honored to write and publish someday).

Anyway, after lots of collaboration and conversations, we came up with a concept for the cover art, I made a new friend, and I was left with yet another testimony about God's unfailing wisdom and timeliness.

I made a video to show you how my new book cover was born. Also, don't forget Marcela King's name! You'll be seeing more of her work on my upcoming novels and I'll be helping her to publish her beautiful photography as well.


Good Morning Beautiful is currently available for preorder on Amazon