I Wrote the Book I Needed to Read— and then, this happened...

Update: After writing this blog post, and receiving disappointing news from Amazon, I reached out to them again and again until they finally fixed the problem. Moral of the story? Never give up. Read my original blog post below—

I wrote the book I needed to read—- and then, this happened...

I accomplished a huge life goal recently, by publishing my first novel and pushing myself beyond my comfort zone.
It was a tremendous blessing and, at the age of 40, I felt like I was finally walking in my Purpose.

That’s a scary thing, you know? Stepping out on faith, trying something new, and putting it on display in front of the whole world... but I pushed past the fear, and my novel, Trust, was published.

My novel was well-received, and it was getting 5 Star reviews on Amazon!

Yay! Right?

So, feeling encouraged, I began writing another novel— because I have more stories to tell.

I finished the sequel to Trust. It’s called Good Morning, Beautiful— and I can’t wait to share it with you!
I had a great idea to update Trust by including a sneak peek of my new novel. That way, you could read a snippet of the new book before it’s actually released.

Makes sense, right?

Ok, so what had happened was... when I updated my book, ALL OF MY BEAUTIFUL REVIEWS WERE DELETED!

They’re gone, y’all!

Full transparency: I was devastated when I realized what happened. I contacted Amazon and they told me nothing can be done to get my reviews back.

The thing is this—- I can’t accept that response, but I cannot blame anyone, either. Things happen. However, I did not come this far just to come this far.

I pulled myself together, considered my options, and decided I can’t let any setback defeat me— no matter the level of difficulty.

I’m a strong woman but I’m also becoming a wise woman. I learning not to let pride keep me from asking for help.

So here I am, asking for your help.
If you read my novel and enjoyed it, would you be kind enough to help me out by leaving a new review on Amazon?

The lost reviews cannot be recovered, but who says we can’t make new ones? My cousin always says, “One monkey don’t stop no show.”

And, as I mentioned, my new book will be available for pre-order very soon. If you purchased an original copy of Trust and it did not include the sneak peek of Good Morning, Beautiful, stop by my website and leave me your email. I’ll personally email it to you!

I’m pressing forward, despite the setbacks!
Thanks for taking this journey with me!

Talk to you soon,